Forgetting Regret

Chris Kato, Director
Category: Shorts
Total Running Time: 29m
Screening: Friday, May 10, 7:30p.m.

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ForgettingRegret1 ForgettingRegret2Synopsis:

Forgetting Regret is your typical ‘teen single mom’ story – told from the point of the view of the dad. Conrad, the protagonist, is forced to grow up quickly to raise his daughter, Isabella on his own, living out of a motel and working for minimum wage. Four years ago, the former high school baseball star had turned down his full-ride Stanford scholarship to settle down with his pregnant girlfriend Dana, defying both of their families. When Dana passes away unexpectedly, Conrad must overcome unbearable grief to focus on his little girl, managing one day at a time. His only ally is his older sister, Elaine, who finally convinces the reluctant single dad to go on his first date since Dana – Elaine’s sorority sister, who has a secret of her own.

This movie is about the problems a young father would face raising a child alone, but it’s also about the deep regret and guilt and yes, resentment towards his tiny daughter due to the circumstances of his fiance’s death. It’s a powerful story resulting from a very rare situation that isn’t well known, but very much exists. The film also covers thematic elements such as loss of innocence, acceptance, and moving forward.

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