Information and Instructions for Filmmakers


Once again, congratulations on being selected from hundreds of submissions from throughout the world.

Festival and voting begins November 24 12:00 AM EST (Midnight November 23).
Awards ceremony in January (TBA)
Only purchased ticket holders votes will be counted.


As you may know, the primary purpose of a film festival is to give you and your film exposure to the world. We are pleased to provide this opportunity for life-affirming films like yours. Even though we may offer the platform, the responsibility of promoting your particular film still resides with you.

Hopefully you understand (from a film instructor, teacher… or even a parent) “If you don’t believe in your film, who will?”


You are the one who knows your film best. You know its strengths and weaknesses. We are asking you to play to your strengths and nominate your film for any of the categories outlined below. (If you think there should be an additional or special category please let us know.)

Capra Award (per category)
Presented to the film in each category which best embodies the “spirit of Capra” – the significance of a seemingly insignificant Life.

Audience Favorite

The film (from any category) with the most festival-wide audience support.

IMPORTANT: Only persons nominated will be added to the ballot for voting.

Nominate your best people NOW!

Inform us via email of your nominations: 

The following cast and crew awards are available to your film by nomination only. These awards are category specific (example: Best Actor in a Short Film, etc.).

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Editing
Best Director

When you contact us, please include the following:

1. The name of your film project
2. The name of the actor or crew member being nominated
3. The award (and category) for which you are nominating them
4. If actor/actress, the name of the character they portrayed, and:
5. A short one-sentence character description (if needed) to help the audience to better identify and vote for the character being nominated

Be sure to inform us of the awards you wish to have considered, and in particular, the names of cast and crew members you wish to see nominated. 

Deadline for Nominations: Midnight Wednesday, November 22, 2023

As with all awards, and all campaigns, campaigning for votes (just like elections) is very appropriate, and help give you an edge over others.


In order for a vote to count, an individual MUST have a paid ticket and view the film.
Films will be available for viewing when the Festival begins at 12:00 midnight, Thursday night, November 23, Eastern Standard Time. (9:00 PM Pacific Time).

Voting will take place from November 24 through midnight December 31.


You’ll want to have a stragey in mind to make best use of this festival to reach your audience and improve your chances in the festival voting.

This is the time to ‘campaign’. Make sure you promote to your audience, friends, and family, and make your needs and desires known.

For example:

“Please view and vote for Mary Shelly, nominated for best leading actress in ‘I felt alone.’ She is compelling!
Voting begins Nov 24. Thank you for your consideration!”


If you haven’t downloaded your Official Selection laurels, here is the link:

If you have a film website or Facebook page or Instagram, or ANY social media, please use it heavily at this time. Promote your Life Fest laurels. Even if your film itself does not have promotional social media tools in place, Use YOUR OWN social media generously. These laurels, this, your acceptance, is now your excuse to ‘pound your movie home.’ (This is how the entertainment media works. If you read media trade publications, then you understand.). If you talk with your old friend from high school next year, do you want them to say… “I didn’t know you made a movie!”


Urge your friends, cast, and crew to do exactly the same. And especially your nominated cast and crew. If they are good at what they do, then they should graciously and humbly acknowledge that and – like your favorite mayoral candidate – simply ask for their vote. Their friends and family also need to see their “make movie magic’ on the screen. If you don’t make your film known, it’s not likely that it will become known.


Use teasers, trailers, and posters in these promotions. Schedule an interesting diversity of posts. Always link to the action you desire (the vote) “Thank you for your kind consideration.” Ask your friends to repost all of these

The main thing is to engage your audience! This is the cornerstone of success in film marketing. Get THEM excited about your film.


Purchase one for yourself! Share this link with your fans!

OR, to purchase discounted SINGLE FILM tickets for others, in quantity, contact us! 


We have had many impediments regarding the live showings which historically have been at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, or at Prospector Lodge Theater in Park City.

We are hoping for the final Award Ceremony to be at Raleigh or in the Hollywood area in early January. Hopefully, these will be readily accessible and mask-free. The proceedings will be recorded and broadcast on the Life Fest Channel.

Again, thank you for your patience. Life Fest Alums know that this is always a joyful and upbeat team! Welcome to the Life Fest family!


Download your laurel wreaths here:

If you haven’t already, PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR FILM and ancillary materials (Trailer, 16:9 thumbnail image) at this link:

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRAILER, please make one and upload it to the above link!

The time approaches. We wish you well!

The Team at Life Fest Film Festival

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